A thousand years have passed since the darkness had reigned on this Earth. A thousand years since the seal has been placed upon the evil, and a thousand years since the dark lord, Mavek, follower of the bloated demon prince Orcus, has been sealed along with his curse by the great Boccob. Now, as the time passes, as time often does, and the seal has become worn and weak, the darkness has now once again fallen upon us. Little do we know of this darkness, for history can only tell so much as time passes. Only one knows how to rid this world of this curse. Only one can stop the darkness from ruling once again. No living humanoid knows the way. It is now up to you to find this individual, for you are the chosen to save our world and restore balance to this realm. At the end of the age of King Phiso the father of Princess Maru. A great evil had begun to rise in the east. There had been rumors of small villages being pillaged and left in ashes as dark shadows could be seen jumping from tree to tree and eerie childlike cries could be heard during night. Rumors of children disappearing across the country and the sounds of sorrow and terror could be heard deep into the nights. Dark armies invaded in the nights as the king lay upon his deathbed the princess and only heir to the throne surrounded by the oracles of Corellon Larethian is taken into hiding into the sacred groves of Ballengrai.

Age of Mersuva

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