Age of Mersuva


A thousand years of peace have been given, and a thousand years have been had. Boccob's seal on the evil has become worn and broken, and once again the evil has been released on this world. A group of heros have been selected; Argus a Warforged Paladin, Sefu Ulech a Dromite Wizard, Aric a Doppleganger Ranger, and Addgor a Gnome Artificer. All have been chosen through much observance and prophetic works. All have recieved an invitation to the Temple of Corellon, located in the lands capital Bellengrai.

All are presented to the High Priestess Luned Morninglight, a tall fair Eladrin with long white hair and unnaturally emerald eyes. She welcomes the group warmly, acknowledging each party member, and gives her thanks to each one for coming on such short notice. "You may wonder as to why you are here. It is a matter of great importance, and you, my friends, are the prophesied heroes that shall save this kingdom and free us of this curse. I am sure you all are travelweary and would like to have some rest before I continue." She calls her acolytes assist the group to their seperate rooms. Each is well decorated and lit with a warm fire in the fireplace, the beds have been freshly made with warm luxurious woven blankets. A large chair sits in front of the fire with a freshly placed dinner, and the faint smell of lavender can be smelled from a bath that has been convieniently placed behind a room divider for privacy. Sefu Ulech, Aric, and Addgor decide to retire to their rooms for a time.

Argus the warforged, being freshly awoken from his emergency box in the basement of the temple of Boccob, decides to take matters in his own hands and discover what is going on. To the local tavern he travels. He enters into a quaint establishment with a angry looking cockriel on its sign. Aside from the wonderous looks from the normal patrions of the tavern he is welcomed by a busty girl with a heavy rural accent, who seems completely lost at his questions about the happenings around the area, and having heard nothing of such evil being brought to the area seems rather distraugt. She dismisses the thoughts and tells him he should be asking such people who may know of such happenings, maybe if he asks at the palace, temple, or nearest guardpost. Being so unsuccesful at his inquiries at the tavern he heads toward the palace and is turned away to go see the Head Mystic of the Temple of Boccob.

Upon entry to the Temple of Boccob he is greeted by a halfling accolyte by the name of Weasttur, who with an abnormally excited disposition greets the warforged, "Why, Hello Have you come to seek the Mysteries of the great Boccob?!" Argus tells him no, that he was here to speak to the High Mystic. As if he were a puppy scoulded, he sulkingly shows Argus to the Mystic's quarters. He enters into a cluttered room filled with scrolls, tomes, adn other magical items; and is greeted warmly by another tall eladrin, who appears to look almost identical to the priestess of Corellon, maybe a couple inches taller, but there is a definite relation. "Ah! I see my sister has finally decided to release you! And much to her dismay the one creature she decidedly flaunted in my face for so many years as her own, comes to my temple first. How Delightful! And what can I help you with today?" He motions to a chair and takes a seat next to a cluttered table. Argus asks about the disturbances and the evil happenings. "Ah, no wonder, I was wondering why she let you out of your box. Well, we recently have lost touch with one of our other temples, cross the mountains in the desert. We usually keep regular communications with them, but recently, after many disturbing sightings we have lost touch with the temple completely. We hope that it isn't anything too horrible, the temple is protected by strong magic, so I'm not so worried about that. There is however a Brass dragon, by the name of Livoxeirnacepsek, we call him Livox, who lives in that area. He has been a great asset to us as he is the Royal historian of the metalic dragons and would know much on the problem that is at hand. To answer your question, the seal upon the curse of Mesuva that our great Diety Boccob had placed so many generations ago has now begun to crumble. We have tried our best to maintain it and search for a way to break the curse, but there the way has yet to be discovered. We have discovered however of a greater being who has somehow gone missing. It happened long before the curse fell upon this world. The king of the dragons, Bahamut has gone missing. We assume that the dragons disapperance has something to do with the curse. We want you to go to the temple, you will gain more knowledge when you get there." Argos had then recieved his mission and concluded his mission for the time and returned to the temple of Corellon.

Meanwhile, back at the temple, Addgor and Aric were wondering about exploring the place. Upon leaving the kitchen to the rear of the temple into the garden they meet the widow of the late King of Bellengrai, of whom had taken up a priestess position in the temple upon her husband's passing. The dowager queen Mara, happy to make their aquantence and excuses herself back to her work in the herb patch and tells them that they aught to take a gander at the neighboring temple if they want to know anything that's happening in the area, she was kept out of most political things. They then head over to the temple of Boccob, passing Argos on the way. They get much the same greeting as Argos and much the same story from Zhell Morninglight. They then make their way back to the Temple of Corellon to rest and be ready for the next day and the travels that were to take place.

Adventure Log 8-1-08

We left town after being given a map and then we passed this giant lizard thing caravan while the gnome and i talked a lot about shiny things and then we camped for the night and then we got up and had a relatively uneventful day until first watch that night when we heard a bear snuffling around and we killed it a lot and then we slept again and then we rode out and arrived at the southern temple. The next day, we set out to visit Livox, the dragon.


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