Livoxeirnacepsek (Livox)


As most people know, the brass dragon is the dragon best known for it's ability to hold a decent conversation. These dragons have been known to take in guests on occasion and literally talk them to death. On occasions where that a being has tried to escape whilest a brass dragon was talking or the being was trying to cause problem, the brass dragon, instead of killing the being, puts it to sleep buries it to the neck and talks to the being until he/she has finished what it has been wanting to discuss.

Livoxeirnacepsek, also known as Livox, is quite a dramatic sort he has been known for the lively stories he tells, the over dramaticizing of his works and the uncomfortable closeness he may get to his guests. As a small dragonling he had aspirations to becoming the great historian of the king of the dragons. To his dismay the dragon king was discovered missing before his first Dragon Festival, those that take place once every century. Since then, he has devoted his life to the history of the known world and retiring to his home in the desert that also is the home to a temple of Boccob. He has recently been found to be complaining about the discovery of another possible dragon that has come into his territory creating nothing but trouble for the old Dragon. "All I want is my dew in the morning and a good conversation now and then, other than that leave me my place in the sun and I'll be happy. This youngling has no respect for his elders, nor for the environment around him, if he be that way, fine. He'll have to learn the hard way."


Livoxeirnacepsek (Livox)

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