Zhell Morninglight

High Mystic of the Royal Temple of Boccob


Str 16 Con 19 Dex 18 Int 27 Wis 19 Cha 23

HP 121 AC 32

Fort 26 Refl 30 Will 33

6'3'' with long white hair, and unnaturally green eyes.

Spellstorm Mage, Archmage


As young children he and his sister were taken into the care of the temple of Corellon after their parents were killed in a raid of their childhood home of Verriul Morda. As the years passed in the temple the two grew apart to their separate courses of religious learning, Zhell into the mysteries of Boccob, being a quick study and avid learner he quickly gained a higher rank in the temple, and at the death of the previous high mystic he was first in line to take the position as high mystic. In constant communication with the temples around the world, there has been much worry when signs of the new uprising has shown towards the Mid-Eastern temple of Boccob and to the Southern city of Mersuva, the location of the seal that imprisoned the evil from a millenia before. Recently communication to the mid-eastern location has been interfered with by some unforseen force, the heroes have been called by his Sister Lu ned, and the warforged he has always coveted has been awoken from his centuries old warforged to solve the mysteries of the curse on the world.

Zhell Morninglight

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