Luned Morninglight

Head Priestess of the Royal Temple of Corellon


Str 14 Con 22 Dex 18 Int 22 Wis 23 Cha 23

HP 164 AC 29

Fort 28 Refl 28 Will 31

6'1'' tall eladrin with long straight white hair and unnaturally green eyes. 

Divine Oracle, Eternal Seeker, and god touched.


As young children she and her brother were taken into the care of the temple of Corellon after their parents were killed in a raid of their childhood home of Verriul Morda. As the years passed in the temple the two grew apart to their separate courses of religious learning, Luned to the following of Corellon and later into the higher priesthood of the temple and becoming a confidant to the royal family in the teaching of the hieress lady Marisa of her underlying powers that only a matriarch has. Over the last few decades she has been listening to the worries that the temple of Boccob has been stressing about the seal to the South in Mersuva. Signs of the coming times she has been researching and her interest in magical items of the past and history of the world have been hightened, as well as her teaching of the current hieress. A warforged has become a regular point of discussion with her brother Zhell, head Mystic of the High Temple of Boccob. With the trying times currently she has awoken the pre-Vilimos period warforged and summoned the forspoken heros that are to save the land.

Luned Morninglight

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